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Orange Brands acquires and accelerates premium European FBA microbrands on Amazon’s marketplace. 
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We have built an operating platform to provide a new home to carefully selected FBA microbrands in Germany and Europe. We acquire those brands from FBA entrepreneurs and, as part of the Orange Brands family, we optimize and grow those brands on Amazon and beyond. 



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we are


As an Amazon

brand acquirer and accelerator,

it is our mission to help the

best FBA microbrands 
reach their full potential and bring 

satisfaction to as many customers as 

How should 

we do it


Only the best turn orange.
What we are looking for:

Best products.

Customer-centric product & packaging development. Own intellectual property on trademark. No resellers, no fads. 

Clear positioning.

Products within clearly defined segment. Premium pricing instead of cost leadership.

Top performance.

 Top ranks in sub-categories.
> €1mio in revenue in the last 12 months. Healthy margins and growth.

What we want from you


We want the

best microbrands

Microbrands (also known as direct-to-consumer brands, digitally native vertical brands, digital-first brands, challenger brands) are shaped by a combination of customer centricity, fair price point and convenience, always covering key functional and emotional needs for the customer. 

On Amazon’s Marketplace, we define microbrands by a sharp segment focus, a thorough understanding of the customer, a common visual identity, and particularly customer love (yes, those reviews & ratings).


The best microbrands tick all those boxes while maintaining a premium price point.

Why we are doing it


Why we 
do it.

In recent years, FBA entrepreneurs have successfully established their products in niches on Amazon’s Marketplace. Some of them have been particularly successful by employing a customer-centric product development and communications strategy, and developing true “microbrands” in their categories.

Today, however, some of those founders face challenges. Some prefer lean company structures and don’t want to build and manage a team - required with continuous growth. Others face the ever-growing complexities of increased competition or internationalization and simply can’t realize the true potential of their microbrand.

At Orange Brands we understood this trend. We are company builders. We are brand guys. And we love to bring products to the world that people rave about.
With Orange Brands we are building a highly specialized operating and scaling platform to bring Amazon microbrands to the next level. That’s why Orange Brands is not only an investor, but by heart we are a brand accelerator.

How we 



How we always work „together“.

Look, we are always transparent, fair and supportive. But for us that goes without saying. Above all, like you, we are entrepreneurs. And we have been there. 

There was a time when we started out in a small and windowless room because we were living on a shoestring. There was a time when we moved for months into our manufacturing plant because that’s what it took to make it work. It wasn’t always easy. Actually, quite often it was tough. In short, we understand you because we have been there, and we made it work. 

That’s why, it is critical for us that you work on eye level with us and our team. For that we value an open and direct communication and have a strict “no-bs” policy. But above all, we want to have fun and enjoy what we are doing and who we work together with.

We understand you.

We are entrepreneurs like you and know the ups, downs and trouble of starting and growing a business. 

We’re transparent.

You will be involved in every step of the process and know at any time what exactly is going on. We work with you.

We’re fair.

We genuinely believe that hard work should pay off and we appreciate your effort.

We’re always by your side.

Our process is highly personal and individual. We value human interaction and won’t let you alone.

How it 


Steps to become an orange brand


The process is usually personalized and tailored according to your needs. We like to be thorough and take sufficient time, but when necessary we can make it all work in 6 to 8 weeks. 


Get-to-Know & First Indication.


Deep Dive & Letter of Intent.

When we make an offer, we want to be sure of it and stand by it. That’s why, at this stage already, we dive in deeper (think financial accounts and Sellerboard access, if available) and have various discussions before we can sign a Letter of Intent, laying out the details of valuation and transaction structure.


Due Diligence & Signing.

Once the Letter of Intent has been accepted, we need to check and verify financial and tax related documents. This is a thorough process. At the end, we prepare and sign the legal documents.

You meet us. We meet you. And we learn about your brand and products. If your brand qualifies, we can quickly give a rough indication and discuss a general structure.


Closing & 

Now, within a couple of weeks, funds can be transferred and your brand will be part of the Orange Brands family. You will hand over the steering wheel in a transition period. (We are flexible about you staying on board.)


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And remember:  If not today, maybe tomorrow.

Not every brand is orange yet. We can help you get there and are very happy to guide you along the way. We provide honest and straightforward feedback because this has always helped us. We also help with introductions where we can. A discussion is always worth it!


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